WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- Northeast Washington may be safer than it used to be, but there is still plenty of crime to be fighting. "National Night Out" is being organized to do just this.

"It's cleaner, it's safer, we don't have to worry about people selling AK-47s at noontime out of the rear of their trunks," says commissioner Kathy Henderson of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

See the Video and Read More: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2013/08/-national-night-out-organized-to-fight-crime-in-northeast-d-c--92392.html#ixzz2oE8dNrxk 
I believe we must begin to increase our capacity as a ward and build on the strength of each of our unique neighborhoods.

My Priorities for Ward 5 are:





Ensuring the Ward 5 office provides quality constituent services and ALWAYS answers your calls; Ward 5 deserves a responsive representative that listens and RESOLVES issues

Expanding public safety by building upon the success of significant crime reductions for the benefit of every Ward 5 resident.

Improving educational outcomes for children and adults through quality Schools and effective public-private partnerships.

Increasing access to jobs and promoting strategic economic development  by leveraging legislative resources; we do not need more industrial eyesores.

Connecting Ward 5 communities, allowing us to communicate, plan and build for the benefit of every resident.




I have always been a catalyst for positive change in my community while serving as the Chairperson for Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 5D and as the former, four-term representative for ANC 5B10. As a four-term advisory neighborhood commissioner I served as an effective catalyst for positive change in my community. I have worked hard to help improve the quality of life for my neighbors by successfully advocating for new streets, trees, street lights and projects like the Starburst Plaza. I have worked closely with the Metropolitan Police Department, neighbors and DC and Federal Government partners to facilitate initiatives such as the Landlord Roundtable and 5D Court Watch. I have led numerous community walks with elected officials and police partners, conducted community cleanups, held effective community meetings, given testimony at city council hearings and organized targeted protests of undesirable facilities, including strip clubs. I am responsible for the creation of Bill 16-0335 " Protection of District of Columbia Public Officials and Employees Act of 2005" which, was added to the Omnibus Public safety Act. As a result, my community is stronger and safer. I have a solid fifteen-year record of excellent work and accomplishment that underscores proven leadership and proven results. I am ready to work for you and I ask for your support in empowering Ward 5 for positive change. I am a proven leader citizens can trust.
Kathy wins Chief of Police Special Award on February 28, 2014
United We Stand - Citizens Celebrate "All Hands On Deck"

On Saturday, June 12th, Neighbors welcomed members of the Metropolitan Police Department into the ANC 5B10 community, underscoringan enduring partnership. Community members and officers exchanged smiles, goodwill and enjoyed chilled beverages while other neighbors cleaned the streets.  "Wow, look at all of the police; I really feel safe and Thanks MPD..." were the typical comments. "We have really come a long way; I remember when the thugs ran these streets, look at us now" said an elderly resident.

We are definitely becoming a stronger and safer community and we greatly appreciate all of our police partners. We will never go back to frequent daylight drive-by shootings, dumped dead bodies and endless chaos. We welcome our police partners, safer streets and cheer  the "All Hands on Deck" initiative. Thumbs up MPD!
We extend a special thanks to Councilmember David Catania for providing funding for the refreshments.
What People are saying about Kathy......  
"Kathy... a true leader" Former Mayor Anthony A. Williams
"God surely sent you to this community..." Cecelia Smith
"Girl, you are an angel; thank you for finding me a safe place to live..." Judy C.
"Kathy Henderson works hard for the community. I am happy to contribute to her campaign in any way that I can" Vernon Williams
"If it wasn't for Kathy Henderson, we would still be living with shootings and constant fear": D. Lott
"Dear Kathy – I am happy to assist you in your efforts to improve the community.  Thank you for everything that you do!  All the best"David Catania
"Kathy Henderson has courageously led the cause to fight for a safer community by leading the Fifth Districts Community Court Watch program, this effort has caused a chain reaction of accountability throughout the justice system!"
Commander Lamar D. Greene
"Kathy Henderson has really managed our community well. No one else would have had the guts to make the positive changes she has. I highly recommend her for the Ward 5 Council seat."
J. Holsendorf
"Kathy has really done an excellent job with this community;she is really impressive."
G. Miles
"We love Kathy Henderson"
V. Williams
"We have watched your work in the community over the years and you truly are a blessing"  
C. Butler  
"Kathy really cares about our neighborhood a lot and she is always responsive."  
C. Reid  
"Kathy Henderson has really done a fine job in the community."  
C. Dupree  
"Now that I am incarcerated, I realize I was wrong to commit crimes in the community. I know Kathy Henderson wants what is best for the neighborhood and I truly support her work. I am sorry for what I did and I look forward to making things right when I come home."
K. Quattlebaum