Empowering WARD 5 for Positive Change
My Vision for Ward 5
I believe Ward 5 has the potential to be a shining example of city living in the District of Columbia. Every resident has the potential to enjoy an excellent quality of life that includes safe streets, excellent schools, quality housing and economic vitality. Every Ward 5 resident should feel proud to call Ward 5 home; friends, workers and visitors should enjoy spending time in our ward. I envision a ward with the resources to allow every Ward 5 resident to thrive, dream, create and enjoy a better life.  How do we get there?


Committee to Elect Kathy Henderson for Ward 5 Campaign









Please contribute any amount up to $500.00. The recommended minimum donation is $25.00. Contribute with confidence on my secure web site. Your contribution will help me to Empower Ward 5 for Positive Change!

Dear Neighbor:

Congresswoman Shirley Chisolm realized during her day that in order to fully represent the interests of the voters a public servant had to be independent and not beholden to any special interest group because of money. Congresswoman Chisolm coined the phrase "unbought and unbossed", which describes my philosophy regarding public service. I will not sell you out for any price, trinket or benefit. Your interests are my interests, pure and simple. Being an independent, honest voice of the people means I have to work harder to raise money to share my platform with all Ward 5 neighbors. The opposition is quite nervous, which means I have a solid chance to succeed; however, I need your help to win.

Please click on the Donate button above or send your contribution without delay to Kathy Henderson for Ward 5; 1807 L Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002 or donate on my secure website: www.kathyhendersonforward5.com

Together, we can win and Empower Ward 5 for Positive Change!

Warmest Regards,